Subject Information


Should you have any questions, parents or other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum our school is following by contacting Miss Machin, Curriculum Lead, or Mrs Hoyle, Teaching and Learning Lead, either by telephone (01424) 731070 or by email,


Our Curriculum is ambitious for all learners.  It is thoughtfully developed and scaffolded for pupils who need this, so that we support every pupil, especially those who have been identified as vulnerable or disadvantaged. Our curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced so that all pupils strive for excellence.  Staff are supported to develop their pedagogy and practice, becoming outstanding practitioners.  Pupils flourish and develop into resilient learners through the high standards set in teaching and learning.


St Richard’s pupils are motivated pupils with high aspirations.  They experience a broad, balanced, ambitious, engaging and challenging curriculum, with many opportunities to experience extra-curricular and enrichment activities to develop their talents. Our programme is relevant to young people living in the 21st century.


The rich opportunities pupils experience encourages them to continue their education and faith development outside school and throughout their life.  Our pupils show empathy for their peers and the wider community and have a deep cultural awareness. On leaving us in Year 11, they are ready to meet the requirements of further education and the workplace.


For their first three years, pupils study a wide range of subjects incorporating: Religious Education, Maths, English, Science, History, Design Technology, Geography, a Modern Foreign Language (French, German or Spanish), Computing, PSHEe, PE, Drama, Music, Art and Dance.


Dedicated time is set aside each week for Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education, including Citizenship. Pupils with additional learning needs are supported by a ‘Quality First’ teaching approach throughout the school, and are assisted by members of the Special Educational Needs department in the classroom. Pupils may be selected for specific intervention programmes, such as Literacy Support, Sound Training, social skills or handwriting support.


Key Stage 4


In Years 10 and 11, the pupils are offered an entitlement curriculum. This curriculum has been revised to embrace the key themes of opportunity and excellence.  Enterprise and Work Related Learning opportunities form a further strand of the entitlement curriculum.  All pupils follow a common core of subjects which include:

  • Religious Education
  • English Language and English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • PSHEe  including Citizenship, Relationships & Sex Education and Work Related Learning

For some pupils, a bespoke curriculum and modified timetable will be provided where appropriate.

The two learning pathways present an element of choice within the curriculum:


Pathway 1

Pupils continue to study a Modern Foreign Language option made at the start of Year 7; French, German or Spanish.

Option A Subjects: Geography, History

Option B Subjects: Art (Design), Art (Fine), Business Studies, Computer Science, Drama, Food and Nutrition, Media Studies, Music, Design Technology: Product Design or Textiles, Sport.


Pathway 2

Option A Subjects: Geography, History

Option B Subjects: Art (Design), Art (Fine), Business Studies, Computer Science, Drama, Food and Nutrition, Media Studies, Music, Design Technology: Product Design or Textiles, Sport.

Option C Subjects:  iMedia, Performing Arts, Travel and Tourism, Sport.


This series of learning pathways enables pupils to study a combination of subjects.  The Key Stage 4 curriculum is shaped to reflect flexibility, challenge, breadth, balance, coherence, relevance and differentiation, leading to GCSE standard and the development of high order transferable skills, supporting individual pupil progression and lifelong learning. The curriculum also maximises outcomes under the  Progress 8/Attainment 8 assessment system.


Our Work Experience programme is firmly established, and Year 10 pupils participate in and gain from a work experience placement, as well as other career based opportunities throughout their time at St Richard’s. We also encourage pupils to access and become involved with and responsible for their own learning, to challenge their ability to solve problems, develop team skills, initiative and entrepreneurship through form and year group work, Block Days, and the attainment of The CREST Award.