Rewards & Consequences

Rewards & Consequences


As a school concerned with the development of the whole child, we recognise that all children have gifts which must be nurtured. We aim to celebrate all achievements. House points are awarded for success, attendance, hard work, participation and kindness. Rewards also exist in the form of: praise, responsibility, representative honours, prefect status, reward stickers, postcards home, early lunch passes, certificates, excellent attendance certificates and annual school prizes for achievement, effort and service.



Pupils who misbehave are dealt with swiftly and effectively. A range of consequences exists from the withdrawal of certain privileges to putting a pupil on subject or behaviour report. Behaviour points may be given for poor behaviour or lack of effort. We ask parents/carers to track this carefully online and to support with a conversation at home. If a pupil is put in detention after school, parents will be notified via email at least 24 hours before and given the reason for the punishment.


Serious and persistent offenders may find themselves suspended from school for a period of time. Only the Principal can make the decision to suspend a pupil and must follow the procedure laid down by East Sussex County Council. If a pupil has to be disciplined, we inform parents/carer at all times. We monitor and discuss pupils’ behaviour at Pastoral Care Meetings and at Form Tutors’ Meetings. We aim to get to the root cause of bad behaviour and deal with it before it develops further.

The Crest

At St Richard’s we believe that the development of the whole child is fundamental to all we do. We seek to find ways to celebrate successes outside of the classroom and in doing so help foster confident, emotionally resilient and happy individuals.


The Crest is a way of celebrating your child’s wider development. Our pupils work towards it during their five years with us. To achieve The Crest, pupils will have to have taken part in a range of activities to include: leadership, enrichment in sport or the Arts, charity work, peer support and work related learning. Parents/carers will receive a report on their child’s progress in The Crest annually. Special Awards ceremonies will be held for those who achieve the full Award and families will be invited to come in and celebrate this achievement.

 STR ShieldThe Crest

“Volunteering to improve the lives of others in our community and beyond”





Take part in a school performance, or represent the school through a team, club or organisation for a sustained period of time.

Have the opportunity to meet a person/people who can widen our knowledge of the world we live in.

Experience a professional performance or event.


Contribute to a campaign for justice, a community based project inside or outside of school or make a significant contribution to the liturgical life of the school.

Role of leadership: take on a leadership role within the school or in the local community. 

Experience work related learning.

Spiritual visit to a place of worship of religious importance in order to gain an understanding of other cultures within our society.

To undertake a peer support or mentoring role for other pupils.