Uniform must be worn in its entirety, as per uniform list. Jumpers may be removed in the summer term, following the Principal’s directive.


Uniform pic

  • Tights and socks may not be worn together. Plain black or white ankle socks only (no sports/trainer socks or inner shoe ‘sockettes’).
  • Coats should be worn without badges or logos. Denim, suede or leather jackets and hooded sweatshirts/tracksuit tops are not permitted.
  • T-shirts may not be worn under white shirts.
  • Skirts must be of regulation colour and knee length.
  • All pupils must wear black shoes (no boots, canvas or backless shoes).
  • Hairstyles must be of a conventional nature. Girls’ hair should be tied back. Boys must have short hairstyles above their collars, and tram-lines, wedges or shaved hair are not allowed.
  • Styling products are not permitted. Highlighting and colouring of hair for both sexes is not permitted and neither are extensions. Boys must be clean shaven.
  • Girls may wear one pair of plain stud earrings on the earlobe and all pupils may wear a watch. No other jewellery is allowed.
  • Make-up must not be worn and nail polish is not allowed.


Your co-operation in ensuring that your child wears the correct uniform would be very much
appreciated. Uniform rules are not open to question, interpretation or negotiation.

If you would like a physical copy of the Handbook, please contact us at admin@strichardscc.com


Pupil starting in Year 7 in September 2020 must order PE using the following website: https://www.yourschooluniform.com/schools/index/st-richards-catholic-college-4508


All other pupils should buy PE kit directly from the school until the stock is used up. The uniform/equipment order form with prices can be viewed by clicking on the button below:

Uniform/equipment can be ordered and paid for on-line using the following link. If you do not have login details, please request them from the Finance Office via email: finance@strichardscc.com

On-line Payment