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The Thrive Teaching School led by St Richard’s Catholic College has a strong track record in school improvement that has led to positive change in children’s attainment in the local area and beyond.

Across our Alliance we have a pool of talented and skilled practitioners who can make a difference to children’s learning in your school.


You can call upon our:


Lead Professionals: outstanding members of staff who lead practice and learning in and across schools. Our Lead Practitioners can help your school improve practice by working alongside individual members of staff, working with small groups of teachers for defined periods of time or leading inset sessions in their areas of expertise.


Specialist Leaders in Education: outstanding middle or senior leaders who are skilled in supporting individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools. They understand what outstanding leadership practice looks like in their area and will help others achieve this in their context.


National Leaders of Education: outstanding headteachers or principals who, together with the staff in their schools (designated national support schools (NSS)), use their skills and experience to support schools in challenging circumstances.


Our guarantee


All school-to-school work is quality assured and outcomes of school-to-school support will be measured against a clear base line and impact statements and shared with the executive board of the Teaching School Alliance. When we work with you we enter a partnership with you, outlining how we will work for the duration of the project and how goals will be measured.


All work undertaken by the Thrive Teaching school Alliance will be customized to meet your specific needs within your time frame.


Please contact or the Headteacher’s PA if you wish to discuss support with Miss Cronin telephone 01424 731070.

Joanne Calladine – Evans

Name:  Joanne Calladine – Evans


Gained SLE accreditation:           December 2012                              

Accrediting Teaching School:     Millais

Biography:  Joanne is currently the Teaching School Director of the Thrive Teaching School Alliance and chair of the East Sussex ITT network. Other key roles have included leading Initial Teacher Training and NQT Appropriate body development, Professional Development and Coaching, Humanities and History Teaching.


Areas of expertise:

  • Networking across schools.
  • Teacher Training
  • CPD
  • Induction including NQTs
  • Coaching
  • Advanced facilitator for NPQML and SL
  • Qualified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming


Recent deployment/outreach work:

Joanne has initiated and brokered school to school support programmes that have been taking place within the alliance of schools led by St Richard’s across the Education Improvement Partnership. She has supported local initiatives aimed at increasing the number of Teaching Schools in East Sussex and is the Chair of the ITT East Sussex Network which has a focus on teacher recruitment and retention.


Currently involved in:

  • Leading a local cluster for National College NPQSL Training through the Institute of Education
  • Facilitating the Coastal Challenge Aspirant Headteacher Programme
  • Artswork Co-ordinator
  • With Millais and Inspire Teaching Schools, developing programmes for specialist teaching in Maths, Physics and Languages
Pete Tadros

Name: Pete Tadros – Science and Assessment


Gained SLE accreditation:       December 2012

Accrediting Teaching School:  Hayesbrook School, Tonbridge

Biography: Pete Tadros has been teaching at St Richards Catholic College for the past 14 years. He has been Subject Leader of science for 12 years and is a member of the Leadership team. The science department is an outstanding department which has consistently been a leading performer at both college and county level. This has largely been due to very effective methods for pupil engagement, target setting and tracking linked to a differentiated scheme of work.  Much of his outreach work has been based on the effective usage of these methodologies to run an outstanding department.


Areas of expertise:

  • Science teaching and leadership
  • Whole school use of data for progress and intervention
  • Support for middle level leaders in the use of target setting and data to raise overall achievement.


Recent deployment/outreach work:

Pete has recently worked with a science department in a local school in special measures. This work involved not only supporting teachers in classrooms but also leadership of the department.

He has worked in several schools in East Sussex (including a Special School) training middle level leaders in the effective use of target setting and data to raise achievement. He also led a project to raise achievement in KS3 science with a group of secondary schools.


Currently involved in:

Pete is currently leading a project to enhance the teaching of Physics across a number of East Sussex schools.



“The strategies really helped us resulting in a whole school increase from 65 to 72%” Uckfield Community College

“Schemes of work examples that allowed us to adapt our teaching” Saxon Mount special school

Rob Doherty

Name: Rob Doherty – History and Behaviour for Learning


Gained SLE accreditation:          July 2013

Accrediting Teaching School:   Hayesbrook School, Tonbridge

Biography : Rob is an experienced teacher and leader of History and Humanities subjects. He is a highly successful classroom practitioner who achieves consistently high GCSE outcomes. He has also had significant experience as a Pastoral Leader and in leading improvements in behaviour management.


Areas of expertise:

  • Teaching and leadership of history and humanities subjects
  • Increasing the proportion of A/A* grades in History and humanities
  • Moving ‘D’ grades to ‘C’ grades
  • Pastoral leadership
  • Behaviour management.


Recent deployment/outreach work:

  • A three month placement in a school in special measures leading non specialist teachers in preparing Year 11 students for GCSE examinations. The overall C+ grades achieved by the school was 14% higher than predicted at the beginning of Rob’s placement and a record number of A/A* grades were obtained.
  • 3 days in Kent schools developing strategies to raise the proportion of KS4 students obtaining A/A* grades


Currently involved in:

Rob is currently involved in raising boys’ achievement in the alliance group of schools. He is also involved in KS4/5 transition.

He has recently been appointed to support a school in Kent improving the quality of history provision.

Peter Byrne

Name: Peter Byrne – Science, RE, Leading Teaching and Learning


Gained SLE accreditation:      December 2012                                   

Accrediting Teaching School: Millais

Biography: Peter is currently Vice Principal with responsibility for whole school teaching and learning following a highly successful career as a teacher first of science and subsequently RE. He led the RE department at St Richard’s for 7 years and, in this role, he strongly contributed to whole school ethos. He has always been committed to supporting other teachers and has been involved in some form of outreach work through most of his career. He is a trained facilitator in both the Improving and Outstanding Teacher Programme.


Areas of expertise:

  • Leading whole school teaching and learning
  • Working with subject leaders to raise attainment
  • The subject areas of RE and Science


Recent deployment/outreach work:

Peter has supported both East Sussex and Kent schools in developing an appropriate RE curriculum and in improving RE teaching. He has also been involved in improving RE teaching in local primary schools. He has also facilitated outstanding teacher programmes and Middle Leader Inset. His current deployment is delivering an Enhancing Professional Development Programme to raise standards in a primary school in RI.


Currently involved in:

  • Leading whole school development of teaching and learning
  • Teaching of RE in East Sussex schools
  • Advising to local catholic schools on the teaching of Islam



“The best training I’ve had in the ten years I’ve been at my current school”

“It’s inspiring to see what you’ve done in your own school. “

“You supported us in so many ways and we would not have made the rapid gains without your help. Thank you”

Sally Franceschi

Sally Franceschi – CPD, Leadership and Languages


SLE: Leadership Development, NQT and ITT, Performance Management, Coaching

Sally joined Cavendish School in Eastbourne as Assistant Headteacher in September 2011. Her role includes CPD across the school, appraisal, overseeing NQTs and ITT including School Direct and the line management of Modern Languages and Humanities. Sally also leads on CPD, Leadership Programmes, Appraisal, Teachers’ Standards, School Direct and facilitates on the NPQML and the NPQSL programmes. Most recently Sally has been responsible for setting up the new Reception classes for the primary phase of the Cavendish School, which opened in September 2015. Sally has overseen all aspects of the introduction of the EYFS curriculum, staffing and resourcing.


Prior to becoming Assistant Headteacher, Sally worked for East Sussex School Improvement Service as Schools’ Workforce Adviser. Sally led a variety of cross-phase areas including CPD, NQTs, ASTs, Gifted and Talented, performance management, leadership development and head teacher induction; developing, writing and facilitating a number of centrally delivered and bespoke programmes and sessions. Whilst in this role, Sally was a member of the South-East CPD steering group and, together with a colleague from Medway, wrote ‘The Quality Mark for CPD Leadership’ which has been adopted and adapted by Local Authorities across the country as a whole. Sally was also a Governor Trainer for East Sussex County Council and a Coach, having gained a level 5 qualification in coaching in 2011. From 2008-2010 Sally was a South-East Regional Trainer for the Training and Development Agency for Schools facilitating training on Government initiatives across Local Authorities in the region.


Before joining the School Improvement Service, Sally had extensive experience in other secondary schools which included ITT, Curriculum and Pastoral leadership roles.

Una Reid

Name: Una Reid – History


Una Reid has secondary teaching experience across all age groups 11-18 and all abilities. She has been Learning Leader of History at William Parker Sports College Hastings since 2001, where her department is acknowledged as being a leading curriculum area within the College as reflected in its above national average exam results at both Key Stage 4 and 5 and OFSTED recognition of outstanding teaching and learning. She is now Assistant Head teacher and Head of Faculty of Humanities and Social Science. Previously she worked as Head of Department in a large comprehensive school in Brighton where she worked closely with Sussex University and its PGCE programme.  Una has marked exams for OCR and through SLE is now involved in working with AQA.  Since completing the OTP programme in 2011, Una trained as a facilitator and works in and around local schools delivering both the ITP and OTP programmes.  She has also worked as a Lead Practitioner for East Sussex working in both local community schools and academies developing, implementing and evaluating a range of intervention strategies.  Within her own College Una is involved in leading CPD training of all staff with a key focus on Teaching and Learning.  She has extensive experience of acting as both mentor and coach to trainees and colleagues.  As a Learning Leader, Una has responsibility for tracking, monitoring and coordinating successful intervention to ensure the progress of all students, involving working closely with other Learning Leaders and Student Support Managers to identify any barriers students may encounter to learning that may be limiting their progress.  Una is recognised as playing a key role in establishing and maintaining an ethos of achievement where all students irrespective of starting points are ambitious, enthusiastic and resilient.  Una welcomes the opportunity to continue her commitment to the professional development of others and, in particular, teaching and learning.

Geraldine Machin

Name: Geraldine Machin – Maths and Curriculum Development


Gained SLE accreditation December 2014

Accrediting teaching school: St Richard’s

Biography: Geraldine is currently Acting Joint Subject Leader of Maths, responsible for writing the school timetable, options and the curriculum plan. She is an experienced teacher of Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 maths. She has mentored trainee teachers and NQTs.


Areas of expertise:

  • Mentoring Maths trainees
  • Writing the whole school timetable
  • Curriculum planning


Recent outreach work

Geraldine has been involved with the England/China maths project. She visited Shanghai and worked closely with primary schools when the Chinese teachers had their return visit. She is currently developing resources for the project.

Lis Wood

Name: Lis Wood – English, Literacy and ITT


Gained SLE accreditation:           December 2014                               

Biography:  Lis is Second in the English department, has been Literacy Co-ordinator and is currently Professional Tutor. She is an experienced and successful teacher of English at KS3 and 4 at St Richard’s Catholic College where she has been teaching for twelve years. She has a proven track record of moving trainees forward in their placements.


Areas of expertise:

  • Developing whole school literacy practices, and interventions
  • Monitoring and tracking whole school literacy.
  • Developing English schemes of work across both key stages to work alongside the National Curriculum and a range of GCSE and iGCSE syllabuses.
  • Delivering inset to whole staff, small groups and one to one.
  • Teacher Training.
  • Induction including NQTs.
  • English.


Recent deployment/outreach work:

Lis has been involved in cross-phrase alliance work to improve the quality of teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar as well as delivering numerous literacy training sessions in a range of schools. She has also been involved in the Boys’ Achievement Network at KS4.  Lis has worked closely alongside Teaching Assistants, non-subject specialists and the SEN department to improve the quality of Literacy support sessions and interventions including the use of new digital reading tests and IT literacy provisions.


Lis works within the ITT network and her induction and professional studies’ programmes have received high praise from external assessors. She leads School Direct recruitment within Thrive Teaching School Alliance including inducting new mentors.

Philippa Hoyle

Name: Philippa Hoyle – Geography, PSHE and Training

Gained SLE accreditation:           December 2014                               

Biography:  Philippa is currently Subject Lead for Geography and PSHEe, and safeguarding officer. She is an experienced and successful teacher of Geography at KS3, 4 and 5 at St Richard’s Catholic College and previously at Heathfield Community College where she was also a Head of Year and professional tutor.


She has been an education consultant for East Sussex County Council where she supported schools with Inclusion including Pupil Premium, equalities and anti-bullying, for example. She was a specialist adviser in the area of PSHEe across all key stages and well-being interventions.  


Areas of expertise:

  • Developing Geography and PSHEe/Careers education schemes of work across both key stages to work alongside the National Curriculum
  • Delivering inset to whole staff, small groups and one to one.
  • Developing whole school health and well-being interventions, and careers advice and guidance including leading on funded projects
  • Developing pastoral care systems and good practice in pupil premium.
  • PSHEe/Careers education including developing small group work
  • Geography including leading a department to developing schemes of work, tracking and monitoring
  • Governor training in well-being, SMSC, British Values and global learning


Recent deployment/outreach work:

Philippa was involved in cross-phrase alliance work to implement the recent changes to careers within secondary schools. She has led network meetings for PSHEe and Careers across the various areas in East Sussex as well as supporting school with students with SEN. Philippa has worked closely alongside Teaching Assistants, non-subject specialists and the SEN department to improve the quality of teaching and learning in PSHEe/citizenship and careers and the geography department that she currently leads. She has also supported schools with self-evaluations in a number of areas including equalities, anti-bullying and pupil premium.


This year, Philippa has led many sessions training governors from all key stages across East Sussex in personal development and SMSC. She has also supported colleagues in geography at a head of department level.


Quotes from recent training events include:-

‘Thank you for an excellent and informative session. I found it to be very helpful and valuable.’

‘Great delivery and thought through presentation.’

‘Excellent presenter – lively, engaging- time flew!’

Kim Byford

kbtsName: Kim Byford – Performing Arts, Arts Leadership

Biography:  Kim is currently the Head of Performing Arts at Bexhill College and has been in this post since 2001 leading the development of the Performing Arts department culminating in the building of the Izzard Theatre at the college. She has worked in post 16 education since 2000 in a variety of Colleges across the country. Kim is committed to exposing students to new experiences believing that this builds confidence which increases achievement across the curriculum and raises aspiration. Previously she has taken students to: perform in Venice, receive conservatoire actor training in Prague as well as a host of performances in festivals and venues. Last year Kim started a student theatre company, Bexelei, and managed to secure an Arts Council grant for the development of a new play. The company worked with professional playwright Jon Barton and the resulting play ‘Persona’ was performed at the Brighton Fringe Festival to critical acclaim.


Areas of expertise:

  • Curriculum leadership (Performing Arts-including Drama, Dance and Music)
  • Improving achievement
  • Stretch and challenge
  • Enriching the curriculum
  • Making links with industry
  • Embedding provision in the local community
Letty Gallagher

Name: Letty Gallagher – Maths









Letty has been teaching for 11 years. Graduating in Sheffield she worked in what was then a National Challenge school in Derbyshire and was lead on assessment. A move to East Sussex led to the Head of Mathematics role in an Academy. Currently, she is Joint Subject Leader of Mathematics at St Richard’s Catholic College and Numeracy Co-ordinator.

Throughout her career Letty has delivered CPD to Primary Maths Specialists and Secondary teachers. Letty has designed and delivered courses for subject enhancement in partnership with Brighton University and the University of Sussex.

Her passion for mathematics has led to the organisation of Women in Mathematics, an annual event which 200 students attend and Maths in Action Week which will go county wide this year.

She works closely with the Sussex Maths Hub and is the organiser of the county Maths Network Meetings.


Areas of Expertise

Subject enhancement

Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

Numeracy Across the Curriculum

Assessment strategies in Mathematics

Recent deployment:

Speaker at Secondary school Network Meeting for Science, presenting Numeracy Across The Curriculum.

Leading the TSST course for non-specialist teachers over the year.

Primary CPD on hard to teach topics.


Currently involved in

Delivering Maths Hub projects across the county including peer mentoring and Maths In Action week.

Women in Mathematics organisation.

Organising Subject Leaders Network Meetings.

Delivering this year’s TSST course to non specialist teachers.

Other Professionals
Mandy Goddard

Name: Mandy Goddard


Mandy taught for twelve years at Chatham Grammar School for Girls, the last two as Head of English. As Head of English, she initiated an English curriculum review and implemented significant changes to the way the two GCSEs were taught. This resulted in improved grades in 2012, significantly an increase in the number of students achieving the higher grades. Mandy has been Subject Leader of English at Robertsbridge Community College since September 2012. In her first year, she led the department in a more rigorous approach, resulting in a significant increase in the A*-C pass rate in English in summer 2013. She has recently completed the OTP course.


Areas of expertise:

  • High expectations – of both students and staff
  • Student engagement
  • Rigorous monitoring and tracking
  • Leading by example
  • Subject enrichment
  • Parent involvement
  • Departmental CPD


Recent deployment:

Promoting literacy through celebration parent evenings
Developing English extra-curricular enrichment opportunities.


Currently involved in:

Primary Schools cross-phase Literacy Network

Carly Young

Name: Carly Young


Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Assessment and Professional development.


Areas of expertise:

Appraisal system
Performance management and links to CPD
Implementing whole-school quality assurance tracking including improving rigour in work scrutiny.
Developing middle leader leadership and management skills, with special reference to monitoring and evaluation tools and departmental CPD.
CPD planning


Recent deployment/outreach work:

Joint CPD planning with other schools (St Richard’s)
NPQML facilitator


Currently involved in:

Options process and helping to plan for the new curriculum
Developing CPD and action based research

Doug Downs

Name: Doug Downs


I am Headteacher at Robertsbridge Community College. I have worked closely with several subject areas including English and Mathematics to improve pupil outcomes.


Areas of expertise:

  • Raising Attainment in Mathematics
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Using Data to Improve Pupil Outcomes
  • Differentiation
  • Questioning
  • Planning and delivering engaging/challenging lessons


Recent deployment/outreach work:

I have worked with several schools as a Lead Professional for the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust in QuestioningRaising Achievement in Mathematics and Using Questioning to Challenge the Most Able.

Jacqui James

Name: Jacqui James


Jacqui has been recently promoted onto the Senior Leadership Team, as Assistant Head Teacher in charge of Teaching and Learning. Prior to this she was Head of Science for years and in that time was responsible for raising standards in the department so that it is one of the flagship departments in the school. In addition, she is an experienced facilitator and has successfully run the OLEVI outstanding (OTP) and improving teaching programmes (ITP) for the past four years, and has recently been trained to facilitate the NPQML programme.


Areas of expertise:

  • Data tracking – for progress, accurate forecasting, raising achievement and effective intervention.
  • Leading a successful Science department.
  • Experienced coach and facilitator.
  • Leading whole school Teaching and Learning initiatives.


Recent deployment/outreach work:

Within the college Jacqui has worked/is working with various departments to improve their data tracking systems. Jacqui has a proven track record of using data to raise standards which makes her a popular choice with colleagues.


Jacqui has completed the facilitation of a cross phase OTP this year and is due to start facilitating an ITP programme in the spring term. Part of the preparation for the cross phase programme involved running a two hour immersion course with local primary Head Teachers. All the Head Teachers who attended signed up staff to participate in the programme. In addition, she is currently facilitating an NPQML programme.


Currently involved in:

Working on a project to raise boys’ achievement across the college – with a particular focus on middle ability students.
Jacqui is also interested in developing the teaching capacity of staff by moving away from so many formal observations.



I have been able to reflect on my practice and ‘zoom out’ to the bigger picture of outstanding, not just focus on an OFSTED checklist of outstanding‘
Delegate on OTP programme 

‘It has helped me realise more of my potential and challenged my view of what is an outstanding teacher and has made it seem more achievable – the impact in my classroom was notable even after the first session’
Delegate on OTP programme

‘My coaching sessions have been invaluable, I now feel, for the first time, that I am accurately predicting results. My newly acquired knowledge of spreadsheets has literally influenced all 3 languages in my department. The data that I can now read has meant that I can give accurate predictions and target pupils where foibles appear.’
Head of Modern Foreign Languages – Robertsbridge Community College

Roger Tomlinson

Name: Roger Tomlinson


Assistant Principal, Claverham Community College.

Teacher of KS3 and KS4 English and Media Studies. 30 years teaching experience. Director of 1066 training consortium. Past Director of Hastings and Rother School Centred Initial Teacher Training. Past NQT Induction Co-ordinator.


Areas of expertise:

  • Initial Teacher Training
  • CPD delivery
  • Whole School Literacy initiatives
  • Working with Parents
  • Behaviour management and use of rewards and sanctions
  • Moving from Middle Management to Leadership roles


Recent deployment/outreach work:

Trainer for 1066 Training Consortium on Behaviour Management and Working with Parents. Trainer/Lecturer in Behaviour Management at The University of Sussex for GTP and PGCE courses.


Currently involved in:

KS3 Behaviour and Discipline. Whole school Literacy initiatives. 1066 Training Consortium

Murray Macdonald

Name: Murray Macdonald


Murray Macdonald has been teaching at Claverham Community College for two years. He has been the Head of Science for the past two years and is currently combining this role with one as Temporary Assistant Head Teacher for Continuing Professional Development. Prior to this he spent sixteen years working in three schools in London and South Essex as a Head of Department, AST and Assistant Head Teacher. In each of these roles he was pivotal in transforming the quality of learning and teaching and pupil achievement.


Areas of expertise:

  • Science teaching and leadership
  • CPD
  • Combining CPD more closely to appraisal, self-evaluation and school improvement plans
  • Classroom based interventions to raise achievement


Recent deployment/outreach work:



Currently involved in:  

A project with Heathfield School to improve the quality of teaching through a focussed programme of teacher development




Dave Walton

Name: Dave Walton, Assistant Principal, Claverham Community College

dave walton


Joined Claverham in 1988 as ICT subject leader. Later roles as ICT co-ordinator/Director of ICT. Head of Technology Faculty line management of Product Design and Food Technology. Joined the College Leadership team in 2007 as KS4 Manager. Currently line manager for Humanities subjects and Adult Education.

Prepared the ICT component of Claverham’s Specialist Schools application, including a successful bid for Microsoft Sponsorship. Edexcel consultancy work for the development of GCSE ICT. Ski Party leader. SCO, ASCL qualified. Successfully completed the National College Leadership Pathways programme in 2010


Areas of expertise:

Identification of the most appropriate pathways for pupils for KS4. Vocational courses. Effective use of ICT in teaching and learning and administration. Development of day to day information systems including College website, intranet, electronic registration, pupil noticeboard, ‘Learning Zone’ VLE , ‘Homework noticeboard’.


Recent deployment/outreach work:

Development of Level 2 Diploma course in Land Based Studies with colleagues at Plumpton College/Oathall Community College.


Currently involved in:

Developing College assessments/profiles for parents. Establishing on-line booking system for parents’ evenings. Implementation of the ‘Computing’ requirements of the National Curriculum.

Danny Ockmore

Name: Danny Ockmore

danny ockmore


Claverham Community College, Battle.

Leadership Pathways Accreditation, 2010.


Danny Ockmore has been teaching at Claverham Community College for 23 years.  He has been subject leader for PE for 8 years.  Wrote the Specialist Schools bid for Sports College status and was Director of Specialism for 6 years and member of National Specialist Sports College Committee for Youth Sports Trust for 2 years. Assistant Principal on Leadership team for 7 years:


Previous responsibilities: 

School Governor for 10 years and Secretary to the PTA for 6 years.  Experience in Outdoor Education, Coordinator of Community Week, Coordinator for Year 9 Camp, and Line manager for external provision including the Sports Centre and Youth Centre.


Present responsibilities:

KS3 Coordinator, Line manager for Science Department and MFL, Educational Visits Coordinator, DofE and Local Partnership for Children chair.


Areas of expertise:

  • Facilitator for Olevi OTP (Outstanding Teacher Programme) & ITP Programmes 2012 – 2013, across Primary and Secondary phases.
  • Leadership and organisation.
  • CPD delivery.
  • Intervention strategies for vulnerable groups using outdoor education/sport as a stimulus.


Currently involved in:

Leading a project to raise boys’ achievement in KS4 , focussing on Year 11 boys GCSE Writing.

Leading a review group focussing on marking for improvement