Reporting / Assessment

Reporting and Assessment

Each pupil receives a target grade based upon KS2 SATS and other relevant data. All targets are highly aspirational and aim to place our pupils in the top 5% of schools for progress.


Targets in all years are based on the new GCSE scale of 9 to 1 (where 9 is the highest) and increase by one increment each year.  For example, if your child’s Year 7 target in RE is a score 3, it will be a score 4 in Year 8, 5 in Year 9, 6 in Year 10 and eventually score 7 in Year 11 GCSE. Targets are reviewed regularly in light of internal assessment data.


A number of times during the year subject teachers upload a ‘working at’ score based on a standardised assessment.

  • During terms 1 and 2 pupils would expect to be 1 score below target.
  • During terms 3 and 4 pupils would expect to be 0.5 score below target.
  • By the end of term 6 pupils would expect to meet their target in the end of year exams.


If a pupil is ‘below expected’, indicating underachievement, an intervention code is also assigned. This indicates what a pupil will need to do to reach their target and normally involves attending intervention classes after school or completing an additional assessment. This information is sent home in the form of a letter.



Any pupil who is performing above expectation in a significant number of subjects receives a Certificate of Commendation that is presented in assembly. Any pupil who is below expectation across a number of subjects will be identified by the Pastoral Leader and may be put on report or regular after school study sessions.