Reporting / Assessment

Reporting and Assessment

Each pupil receives a target grade based upon KS2 SATS and other relevant data. All targets are highly aspirational and aim to place our pupils in the top 5% of schools for progress.


Targets in all years are based on the new GCSE scale of 9 to 1 (where 9 is the highest) and increase by one increment each year.  For example, if your child’s year 7 target in RE is a Grade 3, it will be a Grade 4 in Year 8.


Five times a year subject teachers upload a ‘working at’ grade based on a standardised assessment. This then results in one of three possible progress codes:

  • ‘+’ indicates that a pupil is making exceptional progress towards their target;
  • ‘=’ indicates that a pupil is making progress towards their target;
  • ‘-’ indicates that a pupil is underperforming in that subject and that intervention is required.


If a minus is awarded, indicating underachievement, an intervention code is also assigned. This indicates what a pupil will need to do to reach their target and normally involves attending intervention classes afterschool.


This information is sent home in the form of a letter. Pupils also track their progress in their journal.


Any pupil who receives three or more pluses receives a Certificate of Commendation that is presented in assembly. Any pupil who gets two or more minuses, a letter will be sent home requesting that their parents / guardians contact the relevant subject teachers.