Adverse Weather

Adverse Weather Conditions

We will always endeavour to open, however a health and safety risk assessment will be the deciding factor if we find ourselves needing to close or close early. Should adverse weather occur, please follow the suggestions outlined below:


Before ringing the college, please check the following for information about closures.

  • If there is a possibility that the college may be closed, please look on the college website: This will give a clear statement about whether the college is closed or open. The information will be available by 6.45am. The delay is caused by the need to speak to public transport and they will not make a decision until 6.30am.
  • You can also use the County school closure website to see if we are closed:


Parents can now subscribe to receive automatic RSS news feeds and emails which tell them when the college is closed. The link to the website is above. On this page you can access the list of emergency school closures. Scroll down this page until you get to St Richard’s Catholic College; click on St Richard’s Catholic College and scroll down to the bottom of the page; click on ‘Subscribe by email to emergency closures for St Richard’s Catholic College’; fill in your email address – confirm this and then finish by clicking on ‘Subscribe’. This will also show if the college is closed. This information will be available before 7.00am.

  • Please also listen to local radio: Radio Sussex, Heart and Arrow FM.
  • Finally, there will usually be somebody available at the college to take calls from 7.00am.