Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life


Spiritual Life

St Richard’s is a Catholic College and parents choose to send their children here because they wish them to be educated in the Catholic faith.  The college has a Spiritual Life Team who are responsible for promoting and co-ordinating liturgical activities throughout the year and for leading the whole community in supporting the spiritual journeys of all who come to learn and work at St Richard’s.


We are fortunate in having a strong Chaplaincy team that is supported by priests who lead the sacramental programmes of the school. The Chaplains are regularly in college and are available to staff, pupils and parents.  They lead assemblies, our full school Masses on special occasions and on Holy Days of Obligation.  The year Masses and form Masses are celebrated on a rota basis by the Priests of both Deaneries.  The Chaplains, together with members of the Spiritual Life team, are always ready to assist with the preparation of form and year Masses and they provide pupils with the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


Along with the RE Department, the Chaplaincy team is involved in the “RETREAT” days and residential weekends, which give the pupils the opportunity to spend some time together to consider their religious commitment.


Assemblies are held every day and these are occasions when the college comes together as a community in prayer and worship.  Assemblies are led by the Principal, the Assistant Principals, and Pastoral Leaders.



Within the life of a Catholic college, the prayer life is an essential element of faith development.  A prayer is said at the beginning of registration each day.  At the start of each week, every member of staff is emailed prayers for the week that reflect the Gospel readings. Grace should be said before the start of lunch. Prayer may be led by the teacher or pupils. A prayer or reading is also be said at the end of the day as a reflection of the day’s work.


Every Friday morning Mass is said in the Chapel.  This Mass is open to the whole college community and many pupils are involved.  The Liturgy reps are responsible for setting up the Mass and other liturgical duties.  Each form has a designated Liturgy rep who will attend meetings, pass on notices and help with liturgical roles around the school for example Fairtrade.


Links to the Liturgy Rep meeting minutes are below.





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