Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

Meet the Department

  • Mrs Akrasi – Teacher of Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism, before covid, accounted for 1 in 10 jobs globally and a growing proportion of global wealth. This course prepares pupils both theoretically and practically for a career in Travel and Tourism.

BTEC Tech Level 1/2 results:

2021: Level 2 Merit 71%, Level 2 Distinction 14%, Level 2 Distinction* 7%

Date for Component 2:

Thursday 3rd February 2022 AM.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum

BTEC Tech Award Level 1/2 in Travel and Tourism is equivalent to one GCSE.

At KS4, pupils are set an aspirational target grade based on Fischer Family Trust and our own internal assessment data. Pupils are expected to achieve this grade and will be supported to do so. Work is marked using BTEC grades and past questions are marked according to exam board mark schemes. 


Delivery and Assessment

This course is very practical allowing pupils to discuss real life scenarios to manage and assess. There are opportunities to learn many new skills especially when using laptops. Every lesson requires pupils to use computers whether through word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, mind maps, mapping software or using the internet for research. Pupils will improve their literacy skills through written work and word processing as well as making the most of numeracy skills when analysing data and graphs. Pupils get the opportunity to explore local organisations and destinations to enhance their Component 1 studies and coursework, these are a brilliant opportunity to experience what they have learnt about in class.


Travel and Tourism is taught over 3 components.


Component 1 – Travel and Tourism Organisations and Destinations

  • Internally assessed
  • 2 pieces of work worth 15% each of the final grade


Component 2 – Influences on Global Travel and Tourism

  • Externally assessed in February Y11
  • Written exam: 2 hours
  • Worth 40% of the final grade
  • Question types: multiple choice, short answer, levels of response and extended prose
  • Topics – factors influencing global travel and tourism, impacts of these factors and sustainability, destination management


Component 3 – Customer Needs in Travel and Tourism

  • Internally assessed
  • 2 pieces worth 15% of the final grade each


Pupils are grouped in mixed ability classes and support is provided through the departmental Teaching Assistant for pupils with Special Educational Needs.


Careers in Travel and Tourism

If you are interested in a career in travel and tourism, please visit


Some careers in travel and tourism include:

Airline Pilot,  Airport Information Assistant, Cabin Crew, Cruise Ship Steward, Diver, Fairground Worker, Heritage Officer, Holiday Rep, Hotel Manager, Hotel Porter, Hotel Concierge, Hotel Housekeeper, Hotel Receptionist, Interpreter, Lock Keeper, Museum Assistant, Port Operative, Resort Representative, Riding Centre Manager, Riding Holiday Leader, Sailing Instructor, Tour Manager, Tourist Guide, Tourist Information Centre Assistant, Travel Agency Manager, Travel Agent, Visitor Attraction General Manager