Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

St Richard’s is committed to hearing and engaging with the voices of our pupils so that we can retain a vibrant and communicative environment. We aim to do this in a number of ways:


  • The School Council is one of the key ways of communicating with our pupils. Pupils from each year are elected and meet regularly to discuss both short and long-term issues and improvements. Members of the Senior Leadership Team are represented on the Council and engage with pupils through discussion and act on mutually-agreed recommendations.


  • Pupils from all years are encouraged to offer feedback to departments through ‘Pupil Voice’. Some departments are now using online means to collate and share data in order that the school can enhance current teaching and learning practices.


  • Liturgy forms a central part of our community life and thus pupils are encouraged to develop and enhance St Richard’s spiritual life through the election of ‘Liturgy Reps’ (representatives). Liturgy Reps work with their form tutors and peers to decorate classrooms and display boards appropriately for the liturgical season (e.g. Advent, Christmas, Easter) and bring a strong sense of spirituality to all areas of the school.  Each year, a Liturgy Captain and Deputy are elected to support the Lay Chaplain, Jo, in strengthening all aspects of liturgical life.


  • TA Co-ordinators carry out termly surveys with pupils of SEN to ensure their voice is heard and their experiences are enriched.


  • Governors visit termly to seek the view of pupils on a range of issues.


  • Annually, the school participates in the Safer School Survey to ensure that pupils feel safe and to address any concerns related to bullying and friendship.


  • Our Prefect System and Student Listeners work hard to hear the voice of our more vulnerable pupils.