School Policies


Below you will be able to find all our policies that are necessary to ensure the smooth and successful running of the school. 


Please read through them to understand how St Richard’s endeavours to ensure the best teaching and learning environment for our pupils and staff. Should you wish to discuss any of them then please contact a member of the Leadership and Management Team.

Listed below are the policies adopted by the Full Governing Body:

Policy Index A-G

Policy Index H-W


Issue Date

Acceptable Use Policy

September 2019

Accessibility Plan

November 2017

Attendance Policy (for parents)

September 2019

Attendance DfE Policy

July 2019

Pastoral Care and Behavement Management Policy

September 2019

BTEC Registration & Certification Policy

December 2018

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance

October 2017

CCTV Policy

May 2019

Charging and Lettings Policy

November 2018

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

September 2020

Code of Conduct for School Governors

October 2017

Complaints Policy and Procedure

September 2020

Complaints Policy – Appendix B – Complaint Form

May 2019

Confidential Reporting (Whistle-Blowing) Policy

December 2018

Curriculum Policy 2019-2020

September 2019

Data Protection Policy

May 2019

Drug Education Policy

March 2018

Equality Scheme and Action Plan

September 2019

Examinations Policy

January 2018

Fairtrade Policy

September 2018

Feedback and Reporting Policy

October 2019

Friendship and Anti-Bullying Policy

September 2019

Governor Visits Policy

March 2018

Health & Safety Policy

September 2019

Home School Agreement

September 2019

Homework Policy

September 2019

Library Policy

September 2019

Literacy Policy

September 2018

Looked After and Previously Looked After Child Policy

September 2019

Managing Bereavement and Loss Policy

June 2015

Numeracy Policy

March 2019

Online Safety Policy

September 2020

Prefect Policy

October 2015

Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation Safeguarding Policy

September 2020

Privacy Notice

May 2018

Pupil Premium Policy

September 2019

Relationships and Sex Education Policy

September 2019

School Visitors Policy & Procedure

July  2018

Searching, Screening & Confiscation Policy

September 2019

SEN Policy

September 2019

Spiritual Life Policy

May 2019

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

April 2020

Teaching and Learning Policy

September 2019

Use of Images Policy

September 2019