Parental Focus Group

Parental Focus Group

The Parental Focus Groups meet termly and consist of interested parents/carers who are able to give some time to learning more about the school.  It also gives the parents/carers an opportunity to evaluate practices and procedures and suggest ideas for improving school life.  We welcome all suggestions by parents/carers and are always looking for new members.


Below you will find links to the past year’s minutes which are emailed to all members of the Parental Focus Groups.  Hopefully you received the latest minutes – if you didn’t, please let the Principal’s PA know (







PFG minutes January 2024 – Term 3

PFG minutes November 2023 – Term 2

PFG minutes October 2023 – Term 1

PFG minutes January 2023 – Term 3

PFG minutes November 2022 – Term 2

PFG minutes October 2022 – Term 1

PFG minutes June 2022 – Term 6

PFG Minutes May 2022 – Term 5

PFG minutes March 2022 – Term 4

PFG minutes January 2022 – Term 3

PFG minutes October 2021 – Term 1