Open 8:30 – 4:30 Monday-Thursday
8:30 – 3:30 Friday

Welcome to the St Richard’s Catholic College library! Our library is used by the pupils and staff as a resource centre, an ICT suite and a haven for book lovers.
The library resources are divided into Fiction, Non-Fiction, DVDs, Reference and ICT.


The library is also home to the ‘Shop-in-a-box’, where pupils may purchase stationery items for cost price in school.

Book Awards


In conjunction with the English Department, we produce lists of recommended reading to extend the range, subject matter and challenge of reading, encouraging wider explorations of literature. By broadening reading and literacy we support the development of language, vocabulary and understanding of appropriate writing styles for a range of purposes.


Welibrary_3 run two book awards per year: the locally run 1066 Schools Book Award, and the national CILIP Carnegie Book Award. Pupils may decide to join themselves, or may be encouraged to take part by their English teacher or Librarian. The 1066 Schools Book Award requires the writing of book reviews, encouraging reflection and writing skills. We celebrate the conclusion of the awards with a trip or an event here in the library.


A special collection of proof-reads and other titles is available for pupils who may struggle to use the main library, worry unduly about fines or damaging books, or require support keep reading. Our aim is to make reading a positive experience for everyone.


The library also holds a small collection of audio-books with hard copy books for use by children who struggle with vision, or who find it difficult to read unsupported.


DVDs Thanks to the support of our excellent PTFA, we hold a constantly evolving collection of DVDs, available for loan for a small fee. These DVDs will both support the curriculum and encourage access to (and wider understanding of) the classics in an enjoyable way.



Our extensive and clearly signposted fiction library includes novels and stories for teenagers with a very wide variety of interests and abilities. We hold classics as well as contemporary fiction and have a special Risk Collection which includes the popular ‘read-your-own-adventure’ stories and dyslexia-friendly titles. Our graphic novel and manga section is also popular. We are able to provide specialist advice using a range of resources to help pupils find what they need and to provide support to staff directing pupils’ reading.


library_4Non-Fiction is shelved in Dewey-Decimal order, as is used by libraries the world over. We have dyslexia-appropriate subject indexes, as well as the more comprehensive index. Our non-fiction aims to support not only the curriculum but also pupil interests outside the classroom environment. Our biography section includes a very wide range of personalities from pop-stars and sportsmen to politicians. The library also supplies ‘topic boxes’ as required, to teachers requiring additional classroom resources.


A selection of Revision Guides is available for older children revising for GCSEs.
Staff section stock a range of pedagogy titles for teachers and trainee teachers to use. Additionally, we are home to the staff “Reading Well” collection which includes Booker Prize nominations.

Reference Section
library_5The Reference Section includes dictionaries and encyclopaedias, atlases, maps and local history, as well as a more general selection of reference works.


Our Careers Section contains prospectus for colleges and universities as well as employment and career path information.


We hold a selection of current magazines for use in the library, which are curriculum based or target pupil interests. Our selection is intended to broaden awareness and understanding of the wider world, and is especially useful to our Media students.


The library has 18 computers available for pupils to use either during class time as directed by a member of staff, or before and after school and during break or lunch time, when many pupils use them to finalise homework or assignments.


Additionally, our computers hold a variety of curriculum-based programmes to assist pupils with improving their reading, spelling, grammar and vocabulary, including “Bedrock Vocabulary”.


A bank of 15 laptops are available for individuals to borrow during the school day.


The library is often used as an English classroom and is equipped with a smart-board, utilised during class lessons, and for teacher training sessions.

library_logo_3library_logo_4The smart-board is also used for Film Club which takes place after school roughly once a month. Several members of our club have won national prizes for their film reviews which they post on-line.


By ensuring the library is accessible, inclusive, welcoming and reflects pupil interests, we encourage pupils and staff to use the facility. We have a team of 5 pupil-librarians who assist with shelving, labelling, and issuing and returning books. These pupils read widely, recommend books to their peers, help others with IT and join the book award schemes.


Here at St. Richard’s, we encourage children in their enjoyment of reading and their use of the library, irrespective of their reading level. We have made this library a reflection of the larger libraries in town, so that children may take the skills they learn here with them into the wider world.


The library makes a termly contribution to the school newsletter; for more information on our service and activities, please see the current edition.