Statutory details


From 1 September 2017, new regulations come into force about the information that needs to be on your school website.

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  1. Contact details – name, postal address and telephone number of the school and to whom enquires should be addressed.
  2. Admission arrangements for each age group or where they can be found (community and voluntary-controlled schools only). Information should include any over-subscription criteria and how to apply for a place.
  3. Link to the school’s Ofsted report.
  4. The school’s most recent Key Stage 4 results under the following headings:
    a) % of pupils achieving a 4 to 9 and 5 to 9 in both English & Maths (Basics)
    b) % achieving English Baccalaureate
    c) Progress 8 Score
    d) Attainment 8 Score
  5. Link to the schools performance tables:
  6. School curriculum information for each group by subject, including phonics/reading schemes and Key Stage 4 courses/qualifications as appropriate. Should you have any questions about the curriculum, please contact Miss Machin, Curriculum Lead, or Mrs Hoyle, Teaching & Learning Lead.
  7. The Pastoral Care and Behaviour Management Policy
  8. Pupil Premium Allocation and Documentation
  9. Pupil Premium Catch-Up Funding 2019 – 2020There was no funding for 2020 – 2021, the report for COVID catch-up funding can be found here
  10. SEN Policy
  11. SEN Information Report
  12. Charging and Remissions Policy 
  13. School’s ethos and values
  14. Equality Policy and Action Plan
  15. Governors information and duties
  16. School complaints procedure
  17. Provider Access Policy Statement
  18. Careers
  19. Accessibility Plan
  20. Evaluation of Careers Programme
  21. Remote Teaching & Learning Policy
  22. Remote Learning Provision

Request for paper copies

If you require a paper copy of any of our policies (free of charge), then please contact Mrs R Butcher at