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2021 GCSE Results


Year 11 pupils celebrated the outcomes of Teacher Assessed grades today, with many breathing a sigh of relief that their efforts and application with regular assessments and mock examinations had reaped positive results.


In spite of much disruption over the two-year course, pupils reacted positively to all changes, coping really well with remote learning and sudden changes to the examination assessment framework as well as the need to self-isolate at times.


Headline results include: 92% of pupils achieving grade 4 and above in Maths and English with 73% achieving grade 5 or above in Maths or English. 33% of grades were awarded at 7 and above and an Attainment 8 score of 61.5 was achieved.  62% achieved the Ebacc at 4 and above and 50% achieved the Ebacc at 5 and above.  The full range of ability performed well with a significant number of pupils awarded grade 9s.  Clearly these are excellent results and richly deserved by the pupils.


Miss Cronin, Principal, placed on record her pride in not only the pupils’ efforts, application and resilience but the hard work of staff too.  “This has not been an easy year for staff, but they have worked admirably to prepare pupils to achieve strong grades dedicating many hours to moderation of a range of evidence to ensure rigour and to ensure that pupils were in a position to achieve grades to support them in progressing to level 3 courses, apprenticeships and other qualifications.


All pupils are wished well in the next stage of their educational journey taking with them not only outstanding achievements but a strong work ethic and an attitude to aim high in all that they do.  A talented year group with much to offer colleges, sixth form schools and prospective employers”.

Centre Assessed Grades – August 2021
St Richard’s Exam Information

The documents below have been provided to give candidates useful information on what they should and should not do when under examination conditions, completing controlled assessments and coursework.  Mrs Fletcher, Exams Officer is available to answer any queries and explain the attached documents.

Centre Policy for determining teacher assessed grades in GCSE for Summer 2021

Information for candidates – coursework 2021-2022

Information for candidates – non-examination assessments 2021-2022

Information for candidates – on-screen tests 2021-2022

Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice 2021-2022

Information for candidates – social media 2021-2022

Information for candidates – written exams 2021-2022

Examinations guidance for pupils, parents and carers

GCSE Final Timetable 2022

St Richard’s Exam Policies

Non Examinations Assessment Policy

Complaints and Appeals Procedure Exams

Emergency Evacuation Policy Exams

Special Consideration Policy

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