Homework plays an essential part in the learning progress of every pupil. The evidence shows that the impact of homework, on average, is five months’ additional progress. (Endowment Foundation – September 2018)


EduLink One has been introduced to support all pupils organise and complete their homework well; providing them with resources and enabling parents/carers to help them with their homework too.



EduLink One

All homework is set on EduLink One, an online homework calendar that helps pupils keep track of their homework. This can be accessed via edulink.com


All pupils have their own personalised account that records all of the homeworks that they have been set. Parents/carers also have an online account to help them support their child’s learning by monitoring the details of the tasks set, as well as its submission date and other information.


Both pupils and parents can log onto their account using the details that they have been given. Parents/carers are encouraged to take an interest in their child’s homework through accessing their parental ‘EduLink One’ account and talking to their child about the homework that has been set. Parents should check that homework has been completed and provide the best work environment where pupils can do their homework without the distractions of mobile phones and social media.


Homework Guide for Years 7, 8 and 9

Homework is designed to support the learning of pupils in school and develop their independent learning skills. Year 7 pupils have a gradual introduction to homework with subjects being phased in during Term One. 


Teachers expect homework to be completed to a high standard and handed in on time.


There is an after-school homework club available for all pupils to complete homework at school. Prep Club runs from 3.20pm to 5.00pm, Monday to Thursday and 3.20pm to 4.15pm on Friday in CICT. It is open to pupils in all year groups.

Prep Club Plus is designed for pupils with additional needs and has more support staff on hand to help pupils with their homework. Prep Club Plus runs from 3.20pm to 4.30pm, Monday to Thursday in Lab 7. 

(Pupils do not need to book a place and can leave once their homework is completed).


Each piece of homework should be differentiated for your child’s ability. A piece of homework should take no longer than 30 minutes in Year 7, 35 minutes in Year 8 and 45 minutes in Year 9. However, in some cases such as projects/investigations, homework is given over a longer period of time. If you feel your child is doing too much or too little homework in one subject, please contact the subject teacher directly. If it is more than one subject feel free to contact their Personal Tutor or Pastoral Leader to liaise with staff. If you feel your child has done 30 minutes of ‘quality’ homework and it is still not completed you can sign their book indicating that this is as far as they got within the time frame. Please use your discretion where appropriate.


Homework Guide for Years 10 and 11

As the demands for GCSE begin in Year 10, it is essential for all pupils to get into routines that allow for two hours of either homework or study at home.


Homework will continue to be differentiated and will always be tailored to the standards expected for each GCSE. In addition, a variety of online resources (all accessed from the school website, via the VLE) are in place to support revision for the numerous internal exams each pupil will sit over the course of KS4.  In particular, you will find access to shared resources through Google Drive and Google Classrooms.


Prep Club and Prep Club Plus are also available for KS4 pupils and we encourage their attendance.  Teachers will put on many support and intervention sessions in their particular subjects for Years 10 and 11 pupils. Regular attendance at these sessions will really help support both the homework and revision process.


Updated September 2022