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E Safety Guide for Parents

The Internet, an international computer network, a global phenomenon, whether accessed from your computer or a computer in an internet cafe, your mobile phone or tablet, has become an integrated part of everyday modern family life. The internet is used to communicate with each other via email or video messaging, to buy and sell goods, to provide you with online banking, to find information or look up that address and increasingly for socialising. It can also have a darker side with cybercrime, inappropriate material and illegal activity taking place online affecting both adults and children.


E-Safety is concerned with the safeguarding of young people in the “digital” world and ensuring they feel safe when accessing all electronic technology.



The school works with East Sussex County Council to help children, parents/carers and teachers understand online dangers and how to combat them. The school also utilise global technology partners, Microsoft and Juniper, to assist with security, Anti-Virus protection and URL/Web-browsing filtering services. The school recommends the nationally acclaimed ‘ThinkUKnow’ Internet safety scheme. The ThinkUKnow scheme from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) highlights the importance of online safety to children and parents and also encourages them to use the “Report Abuse” button which can be used to get help and advice and report illegal online behaviour.



For advice and guidance on how to stay safe online, we recommend the following sites for both pupils and parents:







BBC WebWise