Our Aims

At St Richard’s we take all forms of conflict, friendship problems, and bullying behaviour seriously. Our aims are:

  • To provide a safe and secure environment for all pupils in our care.
  • To create a happy atmosphere in which parents/carers and staff work together for the welfare of the pupils.
  • To ensure everyone is mutually valued and respected regardless of gender, race, age, sexuality, beliefs and ability.
  • To encourage pupils to adopt agreed standards of behaviour and values in order to develop a sense of self-discipline and to take responsibility for their own actions.



Every pupil has a right to learn and to feel safe, happy and secure in their learning environment. We have zero tolerance to bullying behaviour and expect parents/carers and pupils to notify us immediately if there is a problem. We define bullying as the persistent attempt to make someone unhappy. Further details can be found in our Friendship and Anti-Bullying policy located on the college website. Our Designated staff member for anti-bullying issues is Mrs Hills but all members of staff can be approached for support.


It is the entitlement of every pupil in St Richard’s Catholic College to enjoy an environment free of prejudice and any form of bullying behaviour, either inside or outside the classroom and on the way to and from school. Founded on Christian principles, our college seeks to promote equality of opportunity as we work together to form a community in which all are expected to show ‘respect for a person and respect for a person’s property’.


For more information on bullying, please click below to see our Handbook.