Welcome to the Sussex NQT induction service online enrichment CPD.  This programme is intended to supplement the CPD activities and resources provided by your school.

In order that this CPD programme is suitable for all NQTs we have focused on neuroscience, wellbeing and behaviour.  The information provided in this programme is not intended to replace or contradict the expectations of your school. Please consult with your tutor or induction coordinator with regard to their expectations.

The programme is nine weeks in duration. New content will be available in two week blocks.
Each week consists of a session for you to watch and follow up research, activities or reflections.  Towards the end of the week there is a live session for you to join in and discuss that week’s theme. The facilitators are not NQT specialists and cannot address questions relating to the administration of induction, which should be directed to your tutor or induction coordinator.
As you can imagine this programme has been created at speed in response to the disruption created by Covid-19. Given the potential for further adaptations to the working of schools in 2020/21 we intend to roll out a more extensive online programme for the next cohort of NQTs and would appreciate your feedback (nqtcpd@strichardscc.com) to this pilot version.

Please be aware that some aspects in the programme may prompt a strong emotional reaction or raise a professional consideration that you do not wish to share in a live seminar but would like to raise with the facilitator.  You can contact Andrew Wright (facilitator in the first five weeks of the programme) via Facebook on @ActionYourPotential.  Please note that this is a third party provider and St Richard’s Catholic College cannot accept liability for the content.


Introduction to the Programme

NQT Brain Behind It Course Challenge 1: Well-Being Challenge

Be a Neuro-Ninja Newly Qualified Teacher

Webinar 1: Well-Being Is A Skill or Why Did No-one Tell Me This Before


Introduction to Week Two

The Brain’s Behind It – Living Positively In A Negatively Biased Mind


Live Session

Thursday 21st May 2020 – 4PM



Live Session

Thursday 28th May 2020 – 4PM