St Richard’s pupils excel in AS Exams

St Richard’s pupils excel in AS Exams

For the fourth year running, pupils from St Richard’s Catholic College have achieved exceptional
results in their AS Philosophy, Ethics and Christian Thought exam, despite taking this exam a
year early and sitting GCSE exams in eleven other subjects.

All pupils passed with more pupils achieving an A than any other grade. Around half of the cohort
achieved an A grade with the remaining pupils achieving B and C grades.

The early entry option for the More Able pupils was introduced four years ago and involves pupils
completing their RE GCSE in Year 10 allowing them to study for the AS in Year 11.

Congratulations to Year 10 pupil, Edvards Blinova, who completed an AS in Mathematics and
achieved an A grade, another incredible achievement.

Vice-Principal Peter Byrne said: “We are all extremely proud of what these pupils have achieved.
Completing an AS qualification a year early, while studying eleven other subjects and with less
curriculum time than they would have at college is quite remarkable and demonstrates the pupils’
hard work and commitment. Such incredible results lay the foundation for future A Level success at
college. ”