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Archiving NQT Assessments

The Appropriate Body will cease operation at the end of the 2020/21 academic year. Please follow the steps in this PowerPoint to guide you in downloading your current and previous NQTs assessments.

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The Intelligent Mentoring Programme

The Intelligent Mentoring programme is intended for those staff new to the role of mentoring a NQT, or returning to it after a number of years. It focuses on the role and expectations of mentoring. There are nine sessions, each with a powerpoint presentation and a section in the accompanying learning journal. The powerpoints take 5 minutes to view and the learning journal activities for each session take between 5 and 20 minutes.

Intelligent Mentoring Session 1 Introduction

Intelligent Mentoring Session 2 Giving Value

Intelligent Mentoring Session 3 The Role

Intelligent Mentoring Session 4 Modelling Professionalism

Intelligent Mentoring Session 5 Deep Listening

Intelligent Mentoring Session 6 Courageous Conversations

Intelligent Mentoring Session 7 Celebrating

Intelligent Mentoring Session 8 Finishing Well

Intelligent Mentoring Learning Journal

NQT Tutor and Coordinator Administration CPD

ECF Consultation

Supporting NQTs after Covid