NQT Induction Service

Are you appointing a Newly Qualified Teacher?

Who we are?

The Sussex NQT induction service is an innovative teaching school-led appropriate body. Established in 2016 we expanded to include all of East Sussex in 2018, and since 2019, have supported schools in West Sussex and Surrey. In 2019/2020 we have worked with 223 NQTs across 97 schools, colleges and specialist providers.

What do we offer?

Using the NQT Manager online platform we provide all of the statutory infrastructure required of an appropriate body.

This includes:

  • Maintaining records for named NQT(s) in line with DfE requirements
  • Providing a named contact for NQT induction
  • Two formative and one summative assessment over the induction period
  • Informing each NQT when the final assessment form has been received and confirming whether or not the AB will be recommending that he/she has successfully completed the induction period
  • Informing the TRA, or such other national body as regulation requires, of the outcome of each NQT’s induction period
  • Retain appropriate records for such time as legislation requires (currently 6 years).

Recognising that schools need a time efficient and effective service, additionally we provide:

  • Dedicated email and telephone support and advice for tutors/mentors and headteachers with regard to NQT induction regulation and employment. Our support team responds to all contacts within one working day.
  • Induction Handbook and guidance documents that are bespoke to Headteachers, tutors and NQTs
  • Exemplar assessments, support plans, NQT documentation and NQT induction policy
  • The option to group all of the schools in a single MAT or federation under a single umbrella heading so that key staff can access across the organisation
  • SLE support for NQTs whose progress is identified as a cause for concern
  • Newsletter updates and policy development summaries
  • Access to teaching school-led face to face CPD (in 2019/20 this totalled 74 free CPD events or programmes)

In response to the on-going implications of Covid 19 disruption we are releasing a range of online provision to replace our three NQT conferences from September 2020:

  • Thirty four sessions of online CPD provision for NQTs covering the neuroscience of learning, mental health, wellbeing, creative thinking, diversity, finance, SEND, EY and inclusion.
  • Tutor and induction coordinator online CPD
  • Online quality assurance

How much does the service cost?

For induction commencing in 2020/21 the service fee is £299 per NQT.  This is a flat rate for any school, college or provider and covers all of the provision outlined above.

What is my next step?

If you want to get started straight away, you can register with the Sussex NQT induction service by going to https://sussextsa.nqtmanager.com/Login.aspx Click on the yellow ‘Register your school’ button and select your school from the drop down menu.  Then enter the details of the member of staff allocated the role of Induction Coordinator in your school.  That person will be authorised and an account created within one working day.  They can then set up accounts for tutors and NQTs at the school.

Need a helping hand?

One of the team will be happy to help.  You can reach us at nqt@strichardscc.com or 01424731070 ext 289.

Useful Documents

NQT Manager Quick Start

NQT Induction Programme Coordinator and Tutor Handbook 2020 to 2021