NQT Induction Service

NQT Induction Service

This page is under construction as the NQT Induction Service transitions from the local authority to the East Sussex Teaching School Alliance. The provision summary is below.


Welcome to the East Sussex TSA NQT Provision

TSANP is an ambitious programme intended to provide a consistent and sustainable NQT framework across East Sussex through a partnership of Teaching School Alliances.

The highly quality of the provision will be assured by the teaching schools, deploying SLEs and other lead practitioners to ensure that all NQTs have the best possible start to their career in the county.

It is the intention of TSANP that, by working collaboratively, all participating TSAs are supporting schools and NQTs across East Sussex.

The key stakeholders in the TSANP are:

  • St Richard’s Catholic College.
  • Robsack Wood Primary Academy.
  • St Marks CEP.
  • Beacon Academy.
  • Sabden MAT.


TSANP provision

The TSANP offers schools a range of provision packages to best suit their needs. We aim to provide your school and NQT with a supportive, relevant and school-led package of provision


Essential NQT package

The Essential NQT package provides for the core activities of an NQT appropriate body with additional support and core professional development. It gives each school access to the NQT Manager online system for NQT management, tracking the progress of the NQT and completing their year successfully. The system also provides a single point of access for communication. NQT Manager training resources and support are available to all schools.

The Essential NQT package continues to provide the high level of support and insight provided by Alan Taylor in previous years. It also provides four CPD events for every NQT.  The events will include a welcome conference and a strong focus on resilience and wellbeing strategies.

Management of TSANP (including day to day administration and access)
NQT specialist (0.3)
NQT Manager IT system
Provision of four whole cohort CPD events
Cost per NQT (excluding VAT)                                                                                                            £299


Enhanced NQT package

The Enhanced and Premium packages address the additional needs of NQTs and their schools where greater professional development is required.

They include all of the features of the Essential Package as standard.

Activity (in addition to Essentials package).
Eight half day/twilight CPD sessions
Estimated cost per NQT (excluding VAT)                                                                                      £449


The Enhanced package involves four centres of CPD delivery across the county, two primary and two secondary. All CPD is collated at the outset of the year so that NQTs would be able to access any of the offered venues. The descriptions of the professional development and booking information will all be accessible through NQT Manager. The professional development will focus on teaching and learning.  There will be phase and context specific aspects.

Where a school is using another organisation for appropriate body activities access to the four core (Essential package) and eight twilight/half day (Enhanced package) CPD will be charged at £399 (excl VAT).


Premium Package

The Premium Package would offer all of the features of the Enhanced package plus support with assessment, moderation and induction coach training. The features can be purchased as a standalone activity if a need emerges during the academic year, or as a complete package at the outset of the NQT year.

Activity (in addition to the Enhanced package). Cost as a standalone item.
Support inventions (usually SLE-based) up to four days. £350 per day.
Assessment and moderation support up to three days. £350 per day.
Induction coach CPD. £150.
Estimated cost per NQT (excluding VAT)

if purchased at the outset of the academic year:                                                                    £1400. 



A minority of schools would take up the Premium package, such as where the Induction coach is new to the role, where the NQT may be expected to have additional needs or where the school feels that it requires support with its capacity to supervise the NQT.


Delayed Access

Where a school registers a NQT during the school year a proportionate charge of the selected package will be made.

Delayed registration from September to December will be charged at the full package cost.

Delayed registration from January to May will be charged at 60% of the full package cost.

Delayed registration from May to July will be charged at 30% of the full package cost (with the exception of the Premium package which will be charged at the stated rate per feature.


Contacts and Questions

If you have any questions regarding the East Sussex TSA NQT Provision please contact:

Joanne Calladine-Evans at nqt@strichardscc.com