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NQT Induction Service

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Welcome to the East Sussex TSA NQT Induction Service

The NQT Induction Service is built on the foundations of the Local Authority and will now be led by a partnership of Teaching Schools. The statutory part of the service will now be managed from St Richard’s Catholic College which has been an Appropriate Body since 2015 in an Essentials package. The additional professional development opportunities will be provided through Teaching Schools and others.

The key stakeholders in the partnership are:

  • St Richard’s Catholic College
  • Robsack Wood Primary Academy
  • St Marks CEP
  • Beacon Academy
  • Sabden Teaching School
  • Newick CEP



The partnership offers schools a range of provision packages to best suit their needs. We aim to provide your school and NQT with a supportive, relevant and school-led package of provision.


Essential NQT package

The Essential NQT package provides for the core activities of an NQT appropriate body with additional support and core professional development. It gives each school access to the NQT Manager online system for NQT management, tracking the progress of the NQT and completing their year successfully. The system also provides a single point of access for communication. NQT Manager training resources and support are available to all schools.

The Essential NQT package continues to provide the high level of support and insight provided by Alan Taylor in previous years. It also provides four CPD events for every NQT.  The events will include a welcome conference on September 27th 2018 which has a strong focus on resilience and wellbeing strategies.

NQT specialist support
NQT Manager IT system – a one stop portal for schools, tutors and NQTs
Provision of core CPD Well Being Programme
Cost per NQT (excluding VAT)                                                                                                            £299


Continuing professional development package

Additional professional development packages are available from the Teaching Schools across the Alliance. Please visit the ‘courses’ section of nqtmanager.com or contact the schools via their websites below:







Premium Package

The Premium Package is an intervention offer which provides support with assessment, moderation and induction coach training. The features can be purchased as a standalone activity if a need emerges during the academic year, or as a complete package at the outset of the NQT year.

Activity (in addition to the Enhanced package). Cost as a standalone item.
Support inventions (usually SLE-based) up to four days. £350 per day.
Assessment and moderation support up to three days. £350 per day.
Induction coach CPD. £150.

Estimated cost per NQT (excluding VAT)

if purchased at the outset of the academic year:                                                                    £1400. 


Contacts and questions

For further enquiries please contact us, we endeavour to reply to all enquiries in 24 hours.


Tel 01424 731070 and leave a voicemail message on extension 289

If your school has already registered please generate a helpdesk ticket which notifies us immediately of your enquiry.