Hello and a very warm welcome to this course which is part of this year’s Sussex NQT Online CPD Programme.

The course consists of eight recorded sessions and one live session where we get to meet virtually and to discuss how best to implement all the ideas presented within the context of your school and most importantly within the context of the age group that you teach. It is very exciting to be leading this course for yourselves as the majority of the ideas that I will present to you during the course of the eight sessions emerged during my time as an NQT.

I was very lucky to be involved in a project that introduced me to lots of great ideas. Throughout my career as a teacher and HT I then kept developing all these ideas, which now form a philosophy of education known as The Joy of Not Knowing or the JONK approach. The other exciting thing is that in the Autumn of 2020 the Joy of Not Knowing approach will be published as a book by Routledge and which will act as a fabulous guide and reference point for all the principles and themes that we will cover during the eight sessions of the online course.

Session One

Session 1

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Session Two

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Session Three

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Session Four

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Session Five

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Session Six

Session Seven

Session 7

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Session Eight

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