FLATCASHED – School Funding Update

FLATCASHED – School Funding Update


Dear Parents/Carers

As you know East Sussex Headteachers have been working with up to 3000 Headteacher colleagues across 14 counties to raise the issue of school funding and the significant current financial difficulties that all of our schools are now facing.

During all of our campaigning work to improve funding for each and every child in each and every school, we have been careful not to become involved in a politically biased or partisan way.  Headteacher colleagues and I feel that ahead of the forthcoming general election it is crucial that parents, carers and all other interested parties raise the issue of school funding ‘on the doorstep’ with all prospective candidates

As professionals we are only interested in securing fair and adequate funding for the children that we educate.  This is under severe threat and has influenced our decision to contact you in a collaborative manner. We hope the guide we sent you previously was informative and that as and when you have had any prospective candidates knocking at your door you have been able to use it to ask them the relevant and important questions so that we can all be fully informed as to the future of school funding in the very near future.

Thank you for your ongoing support

On behalf of 14 counties


Brighton East Sussex Peterborough Wokingham
Cambridgeshire Essex Suffolk West Sussex
Cornwall Hertfordshire Surrey
Devon Norfolk Thurrock


Please see attached a poster regarding a rally in Hailsham on Saturday, 27th May. View poster here.