Changing Chances is on a mission to improve the life chances of children and young people who struggle at home, in the classroom and beyond. We provide training to the adults around the child: parents and carers; teachers; school leaders and professionals working with children.

Course Overview

Session One

Our Needs

Cups of Need

Session Two

When Needs Aren’t Met – Stressors

When Needs Aren’t Met – Drivers

Session Three

Why Some Children Struggle (and others don’t)

Why Some Children Struggle – Experiences Shape the Brain

Why Some Children Struggle – Adverse Childhood Experiences & Toxic Stress

Why Some Children Struggle – Stress Hormones & Threat Responses

Why Some Children Struggle – Neurodiversity & Neurodifference

Session Four

Building the Foundations

Session Five

Responding in the Moment

Session Six

Follow Up Not Mop Up

Session Seven

Coaching for Change

Session Eight

Summary & Next Steps